Maca Isula Nature offers a big variety of health benefits for Women & Men, promoting Energy and Hormonal Balance, therefore offering Menopause symptoms relieve for Women and optimal Testosterone output for Men, all in a natural way.

Maca Isula Nature Benefits for Women

Maca Isula Nature offers a big variety of health benefits for women, specially for aging women; from relieving the symptoms of menopause to enhancing vitality and promoting healthy sexual function.

Maca benefits for women are many and varied; from energy and vitality to hormonal balance. Maca plays and even more important rol as women age and naturally go thru menopause. Maca alleviates and even eliminates PMS and undesirable menopause symptoms. This herbal marvel of nature can help you to get the energy, fertility and wellness you look for, in a very natural way.

Natural source of Energy and Vitality
We produce our Isula Nature Maca on the most natural way, using mixed yellow, red and black premium selected Maca roots (predominantly yellow maca), which are farmed by small local Andean farmers using ancient organic agricultural technics. Maca contains more than 15 essential amino acids, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals
- Help eliminate Menopause symptoms
Highly nutritious, it balances hormone system by nourishing endocrine glands. Modern scientific studies and women user reviews show the benefits of Maca on relieving PMS and Menopause symptoms as; hot flashes, unrestful nights, mood swings, brain fog, anxiety, depression, vaginal dryness and many others.

Increase Fertility
Motherhood is essential for most woman to achieve a full life and when time arrives fertility plays a main role. Fertility is directly related to hormonal system balance and speficly Estrogen and Progesterone. Those hormones and its balanced levels are key to ovulation and in uterus preparation before and during pregnancy.

Improve Libido
Maca superfood as nutritional supplement which may help improve libido, improving your sex mood by getting balanced your hormonal system. For this reason it may help relieve or eliminate the physical and philological issues that might be stopping you from enjoying a natural full intimal life.

Help you to get your life back
Women suffering from hormone imbalance before or during menopause usually experience a series of undesired symptoms like: unrestful nights, anxiety, depression, low energy, mood swings, night sweat, dry hair, bridle nails, brake outs, etc. Experiencing some or many of those symptoms may cause high general discomfort, but also a decline in women self-steam. Maca nourish hormone system glands, restoring hormonal output balance in a very natural way, helping you to fight against hormone imbalance relieving and even eliminating related physical and psychological related discomfort and therefore to regain desire and strength yourself steam by defeating PMS and Menopause symptoms in a very natural way.

Maca Isula Nature Benefits for Men

Maca boosts energy levels in a 100% natural way.
Maca is a very natural source for of energy. This superfood is loaded with essential amino acids, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and more, for this reason Maca was used during the Inca empire by Inca warrior before battling and by the Chasquis, highly trained and physically fit messengers, in charge of carrying messages and stuff throughout the whole empire (“the Inca courier service”).

Maca increase libido helping you to have a more satisfying intimate life.
Maca nourishing your hormone glands with nutrients and some special alkaloids, regulating your Testosterone out put and general hormone system function, so that you will experience renewed, strengthen libido, for this reason mainly, Inca nobles were used to use Maca.

Maca enhance vitality helping you to do better thru daily busy modern life.
Offering a natural and very special combination of macro and micro nutrients Maca nourish your whole body and balance your hormone system helping enhance your vitality and all around physical and mental out put.

Maca helps improve mental sharpness which may help you to have better results at work and study.
Getting your goals done demands a physical, but also a mental effort, and Maca contains the essential amino acids, fatty acids and micro nutrients to nourish your brain cells and to help promote synapse, improving communication between neurons.

Maca improve fertility in men.
Modern scientific studies show that Maca improve sperm count in men, improving mans fertility, which may help you and your couple to achieve your family planning goals done.

Maca promotes restful sleeping, so you can wake up and jump out of you bed full of desire.
Maca is considered as an adaptogen, that helps balance your endocrine system out put, which may help to avoid or relief stress, so will rest better during night time and do more the day