Maca IN unique ingredient is known for helping improve and even eliminating Menopause and PMS undesired symptoms in women.

Maca is loaded with essential micro and macro nutrients, bioactive compounds and some unique healthy alkaloids, it rare composition helps nourish your hormonal glands naturally and by doing so, balancing your Endocrine System function. And with Estrogen, Progesterone and other hormones balanced output menopause symptoms will easy and you will get relief and be able to enjoy better again.

As many women experience when they start aging, menopause process can change your life for bad; altering hormone system balance and therefore producing symptoms like: hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disorders, low energy, but also others like loss of libido, vaginal dryness, mood swings, anxiety, and depression and the understandable related decline in self steam, as well as long term health problems like osteoporosis or chronic low energy syndrome.
If you are going thru this nightmare, Maca IN is produced thinking of you, using a premium selection of Peruvian Organic Maca roots (*), to get handy to you a very natural way to fight back these deep life disturbing symptoms and to help you get your joy for life back. 100% Natural, more concentrated and easy to consume and portable, for you to take with you it where ever you go in the most natural way to get you.

(*) Our premium selection of Peruvian Organic Maca Root powder is easy to digest and more concentrated thanks to our proprietary process based on low temperature and pressure performed to break down indigestible long starch molecules making Maca IN gentle to your stomach while keeping all the nutritional value intact.

Maca IN helps alleviate Menopause Symptoms:

• Hot flashes.
• Mood swings.
• Unrestful nights.
• Chronic low energy.
• Brain fog.
• Low sex drive and vaginal dryness.
• Bridle nails and hair loss.
• Anxiety.
• Depression.

Isula Nature is based out of California, but we are also proud members of a Peruvian export chain, which allow us to partner up with poor Andean farmers promoting ancient organic technics of cultivation and a Peruvian factory FDA approved and GMP certified helping generate good quality jobs and better sustained incomes in origin, and best quality natural Maca (Lepidium meyenii) products. All our business activity is framed by the principles of: constant improvement, fair trade and environmental sustainability, focused on helping to make a positive impact in the world by improving nutrition and health in America.


Maca Tablet 800 mg

Black Maca-V Capsules 500 mg

Maca Powder 8 oz

Maca Powder 16 oz

Cat´s Claw 500 mg

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