Maca Benefits for Woman

Helps eliminate Menopause symptoms.
As part of the natural aging process, women suffer from hormonal imbalance, known as Menopause, it produces a series of undesired symptoms like: hot flashes, mood swings, unrestful nights, chronic fatigue syndrome, brain fog, low sexual drive, vaginal dryness, bridle nails, hair loss, anxiety, depression, and others symptom related to hormonal imbalance.

Highly nutritious, Maca IN contains also some bioactive compounds such as sterols, phenols, glucosinolates and some unique healthy alkaloids, which are considered to help balance Hormone System output by nourishing your endocrine system glands. Modern scientific studies and women user reviews show the benefits of Maca IN on relieving Menopause symptoms as:

- Natural Source of Energy and Vitality. 
Maca IN is produced on the most natural way, using the natural blend of yellow, red and black premium Peruvian Maca root (aproximatly a 60 - 25 -15 respectively), as produced in the cultivation fields. Farmed by small ancestral Andean farmers using ancient organic agricultural technics, Maca IN contains more than 15 essential amino acids, plus carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals (see Maca IN nutritional profile) (5)
(5) Va a: Maca IN Nutritional Profile

- Alleviates PMS Symptoms and helps Regulate Ovulation Periods.
During menstrual cycle hormones Estrogen and Progesterone balance is key to proper functioning of woman body. When menstruation arrives this balance is altered and in many cases this hormonal imbalance produces a series of symptoms like: low energy, cramps, irritability, breast swelling.
Maca IN due to its chemical composition is a very effective natural treatment of hormone related disorders like PMS and Ovulation issues and related undesired symptoms.

- Eases Post-Menopause Symptoms.
When women reproductive life cycle ends, after a full year of no ovulation they start their post menopause life, but in many case menopausal symptoms persist and a high percentage of them still experience swing mood, hot flashes and other menopause symptoms even years after ending menopause. Maca IN will help ease those symptoms by supporting hormone system in its “new normal balance” and will help you live a better life by providing enhanced energy and vitality, by improving body stress management. Maca IN offers a holistic approach to a better and healthier life after menopause.

- Helps Increase Fertility.

Motherhood is essential for most woman to achieve a full life and when time arrives fertility plays a main role. Fertility is directly related to hormonal system balance and specifically to Estrogen and Progesterone. Those hormones and its balanced levels are key to ovulation and in uterus preparation before and during pregnancy. Maca IN vegetable rare arrangement of nutrients plus the bioactive compounds it contains are widely recognized as responsible for the natural beneficial effect of Maca IN on balancing Estrogen and Progesterone hormones helping improve female fertility as shown on real life cases, and by supporting a healthy sexual life, Maca IN may help you improve fertility and to live the miracle of giving life.

- Improves Libido (sexual drive and function).
Maca IN superfood as nutritional supplement may help improve libido, improving your sex drive and function by getting balanced your hormonal system specially Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone hormones directly involved in sexual function. For this reason, it helps relieve or eliminate the physical and psychological issues that might be stopping you from enjoying a natural full intimate life.

- Helps you to Live a better Life.
Maca IN is a true superfood, a nutrient dense vegetable marvel of nature, an energy and vitality enhancer and for those reasons a preferred nutritional supplement for outdoors sport lovers; hikers, bicycle riders, surfers, yoga practitioners, etc.; but thanks to its unique composition which includes a variety of bioactive compounds it also restores a balanced hormonal output, by nourishing your endocrine system glands, helping you to fight against discomfort caused by hormonal imbalance, relieving and even eliminating associated physical and psychological symptoms and promoting better adaptability to stress, helping you to regain physical and psychological strength and to get back the joy for life, in a very natural way.


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